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  • Judith Milne & Archie Posted 12/07/2017 1:20 pm

    I recently bought some items from the website for my own son and for my friend’s new baby. They arrived so fast and they are just such wonderful products. So often toys for children are generic, mass produced items so it’s lovely to see an independent shop were you can find something are bit more special. My wee boy especially loves the Plan Toys Clutch Pyramid – easy to hold and apparently very tasty!! I’ll be coming here for all the new babies from now on.

    • Mairi Coia Posted 12/07/2017 5:54 pm

      Judith, Thank you for your feedback and compliments! We are delighted you found us and so pleased you love our product selection! Enjoy and come back again soon!

  • Stuart Duff Posted 17/12/2017 12:01 pm

    My wife and I have moved out of Glasgow but have visited the shop a lot in person in the past so when we started looking for a Christmas present for our friend’s one-year old son, the Whitespace website was our first stop. We quickly settled on a gorgeous, soft Stegosaurus but unfortunately, Mairi quickly let us know that it was sold out. However she was extremely helpful and quick in pointing us towards an alternative Stegosaurus which I am sure is going to be adored when his new owner meets him. Comms were great throughout and the gift arrived superbly wrapped. 10/10 on quality and customer service – highly recommended!

    • Mairi Coia Posted 21/12/2017 3:02 pm

      Thanks Stuart for a super review! Much appreciated and delighted to hear we attained our objective of super customer service, even if there was a stock glitch!

  • Katarzyna Nowicka Posted 07/02/2018 3:12 pm

    For the first time in my life I met with such a nice person as it is Mairi. It was a challenge for you to fulfill my order but you did it. I would like to thank you with all my heart. I am glad that there are so nice and helpful people in the world.
    I can not wait to see my nephew expression. Philip is 6 years old and he lost his toy when he was in a Dublin hospital after a serious accident. Thank you 😊

    • Mairi Coia Posted 08/02/2018 7:24 pm

      Dear Katarzyna, Thanks so much for your kind words. I am so pleased we managed to find the toy you wanted and it is lovely to know that it will put a smile on the face of a very special person! Wishing Philip a full and speedy recovery….. All the best.

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