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An original wooden stacking rocket with astronaut!

This lovely wooden rocket ship is a simple twist on the traditional colour, shape and size sorting tool for early learners.  It has only 4 coloured, assorted size rings besides the nose and base but each layer is connected to the next by a solid shape that has to nestle in the appropriately shaped cut-out.  In the top layer, sits the space-ready astronaut!

Why we chose this product?

The rocket is a lovely shape that adds some originality and ornamental interest to what is traditionally a simple set of coloured donuts or a box with shapes and holes.  The astronaut hiding inside is a joy! And what looks like a simple toy is more challenging than it first appears for our avid little space explorers!

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Wooden Stacking Rocket

Colour and shape sorters are ubiquitous toys for babies, including wooden stacking toys.  These toys are particularly good for certain parts of cognitive development. Specifically, this includes hand eye coordination, cognitive skills, sorting & classifying, as well as shape and colour recognition.  These types of toys are also very good for children with special needs. What is a little different about the PLAN TOYS Stacking Rocket is that it also lends itself to some creative role play. Inside what looks like a very simple shape & colour sorter, there are hidden levels of difficulty.  Each disc is connected to the next by way of a linking shape.  This shape has to fit correctly into both the layer below and above.  Finally, at the top, sits a little wooden astronaut, waiting to blast off!


Dimensions: 11.7 x 11.3 x 17.7 cm

Made from sustainable sources of Rubber wood.

To read more about PLAN TOYS sustainability program, please check out their web-site here.


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