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OOGI Junior – from MOLUK


Oogi Junior

Oogi Junior is exactly like his bigger brother in everything but size.  Where Big Brother Oogi is 13cm high, Little Brother is only 8 cm.  Comes in red and blue and is identical in fun quotient. Stretchy arms, suckers for head, feet and hands, Safe, durable and dishwasher friendly!

Why we chose this product?

Oogi is one of our favourite characters so anything that extends the fun, like Junior, is on our MUST HAVE list! You can never have enough OOGIs!



OOGI Junior – from MOLUK

Oogi Junior is quite literally the little brother (or sister) of Oogi.  Just the same as his big brother but smaller in stature. At only 8cm tall (as opposed to the grander 13cms of his brother), Oogi Junior also comes in Red and Blue options and is made of the same top quality materials.  He pops and sticks, connects and stretches.  Throw him, bend him, wash him, stick him – endless fun both in the bath and out on any smooth surface.

Check out his family members too:  Bonga,  Pilla, Glow.

If you want to see just how much fun he can be,,, click here: Oogi FUN on YouTube

Made from high-quality, food-grade silicone rubber.
Safe, durable and easy to clean as well as Dishwasher-safe.


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Blue, Red


3 years +



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Bath Toys


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