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Sensory Tumblers

These 3 little handfuls are perfect for your own little handful!  Each of the three beautifully crafted rubber wood tumblers focus on a different sensory experience for baby.  One for touch (furry surface) , one for sound (rattle) and one for sight (mirror).

Why we chose this product?

As discovery toys go, we think this is a keeper.  Beautiful wood, primary colours, textures and smiley faces. All boxes ticked.

This is a twist on the hanging toys you find for play mats and prams and we like the solid feel of the natural wood.

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Sensory Development Toys

Sensory development toys provide important stimulation for your baby’s development. Your baby will start to grasp and explore the world around them as soon as they recognise what their hands are for. From then on, they will start to put things in their mouths and grab whatever they can. Giving your child sensory toys can therefore help to encourage their exploration safely!

PLAN TOYS Sensory Tumblers

These PLAN TOYS sensory tumblers are designed to promote this development and a child’ natural curiosity for the world around them.  They are a good size for small hands to hold  and each tumbler has a different sensory focus. So, the tumbler with a soft fluffy inside offers tactile stimulation while the one with a mirror offers visual stimulation. The third tumbler contains three small balls and rattles to provide auditory play. Each ball has different primary colours and smiley faces and they wobble when pushed around.

Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 5.4 cm

Made from sustainable wood.

Weight: 180g

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