Tobbles from Fat Brains

Tobbles – from FAT BRAIN


Like its funky sister NEO Tobbles, this is a stacking toy that tilts, wobbles, nests, spins, and topples over.  Made from the highest quality, these are weighted shapes, ‘tobbles’ in dual colour and dual texture for endless hours of fun! Fat Brains have simply re-invented old-fashioned stackers, with new materials, new shapes and new creative ideas – it’s what we like to call New Nostalgic – taking something we remember from years ago and transforming it, yet keeping the basic principles the same.

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As stacking toys go, this is just so much MORE!

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Tobbles – from FAT BRAINS

Tobbles is a brightly coloured stacking toy but a refreshing change from the regular square blocks or cups. This could have something to do with the fact that they don’t just stack!  They spin, they wobble, they stack in non-straight lines (or tilt), they balance and of course they topple over.

To touch and feel this toy is pure joy.  Each weighted piece is a different colour and has a dual texture on each surface. Carefully sized to nestle inside each other as they get small, they can be piled high from Large to Small or from Small to Large when set upside down.

There is a stacking base and 6 dual colour, dual texture, differing sized ‘tobbles’ to pile up on one another.  Test the rules of physics!

It’s hard to get across how much ‘more’  Tobbles offers versus a regular stacking toy, so here’s the FAT BRAINS video of them in action.

And as if this isn’t enough, there is the zany, NEO Tobbles too!  We can’t work out which we love more.  What we do know is that FAT BRAINS is our new love affair with clever and design-led toys.



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