Nostalgic toys?

Nostalgic toys?

A Love of Nostalgia


Do you ever get that sense of emotional connection when you stumble across nostalgic toys? A toy that reminds you of your childhood and brings back those joyful feelings from your youth? This morning, I was unexpectedly hit by a strong wave of nostalgia. I was in town when I discovered they’ve opened a new café called Bagels & Beans. It is now a franchise, with 71 branches in The Netherlands, but I haven’t had coffee there since I was living in Amsterdam, reinventing my life and very much in love!


I took our now 10 year old son there for breakfast this morning (in Maastricht) and it stirred up the most wonderful feelings of nostalgia – I have felt really happy all day, as though all those loved-up endorphins have been stirred up again! I bored my son with stories of my days living in Amsterdam with his dad before he was born.





Our visit to Bagels & Beans got me thinking about Nostalgic toys and those old favourites we all have from our childhood.  For instance, I own soft toy versions of a Clanger and Bagpuss, old British children’s TV characters pictured above – I love them dearly and couldn’t bear to part with them. My son also has toys, piggy banks and gifts from his youngest childhood that he is hugely attached to – even now that he has left Primary and moved up to Secondary school!

A truly great toy?

It is a special thing, shopping for other people’s children, particularly when they are very young. I always look for high quality toys which are artful, design led and lasting. If loved, that toy might transition to the next generation’s toy box in 20 or 30 years time.  That’s the sign of a truly GREAT toy.




Another toy I remember vividly was called RODS (is that picture giving anyone else flashbacks to childhood?!).  While I also had LEGO, I was particularly fond of RODS, which included little wooden rods, all of them different lengths from 1cm to 10cm and each length a different colour.  I built all sorts of constructions from these simple wooden rods, and though I sadly don’t have them in my possession any more, I remember them with a much greater fondness than the LEGO (sorry LEGO!).  I think that’s why I am so in love with our Rock and Pebble selection. It’s not RODS, but it is a refreshed and updated version! We like to call it New Nostalgia – something that gives me the same ‘loved-up’ feeling as Bagels & Beans, RODS and Bagpuss do!


So, if you happen to be in The Netherlands and you’re looking for GREAT coffee, check out Bagels and Beans. With 71 to choose from, there is sure to be one near you!


And if you are looking for that memorable and lasting gift to give a child, check out our nostalgic toys!


What was your favourite?


Does this bring back memories of toys you’ve loved and lost?  Or things you’d like to track down again to keep or give to a special child you know? Leave us a comment and tell us what some of your favourites were!



Bagpuss Image: The Times

The Clangers Image: The Telegraph

RODS Image: Hubpages

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