Connecting adults and children

Connecting adults and children

connecting adults and children

Connecting adults and children is core to the Whitespace KIDS mission because It is what we are all about. We want children to have fun and we want parents and carers to have fun with their children.  I want to connect with my child and others,  to influence them and make their lives ‘better’. Don’t we want them to grow up to be responsible and happy adults? Personally, I aspire to ideals and want my child to connect with me on these things. Don’t we all? We might not do it consciously all the time but why do we dress our kids the way we do?  Why do we encourage them to take-up certain sports but not others? And why are we happy or less happy about the friends they choose to hang out with?

Each child is unique

We aspire for the children in our lives to be a certain way, consciously or unconsciously and if you have more than one child, you will know that each of them is very different, very individual and with dissimilar needs, likes, strengths. Consequently, as parents or carers, we need to adapt our styles to suit those personalities.


Some children have more complex or specific needs and if those have been given a medical term, a diagnosis, it is easy for us to suddenly feelthat a child is different, or needs to be treated differently, specially, other.  However, children (and their parents) want nothing more than to feel that they belong – in a community, amongst their friends and family, anywhere really and that is where the other part of our mission statement comes in: “ALL children, INCLUSIVELY”.


WSK aspires to soften some of the hard lines that get drawn in our modern day need to categorise everything. We want to blur some of the definitions and to say “it’s ok”… not everything has to be scientifically labelled. Belonging is about removing labels, because with labels comes stigma, rigidity, and exclusivity.

What WSK do: connecting adults and children

So, we invite you to browse our toys and gifts for children. We carefully select for good design, high quality, sustainable production, and which hopefully inspire you and your children as they do us, – to imagine, to create, to discover and to connect. Connecting adults and children through the products we choose, we hope that you can have fun, share moments of joy and make memories with your children. We offer you beautiful, lasting creations that you can pass down to your grandchildren and re-live the same experiences a generation later.  From newborns through early walkers to budding engineers and artists, come with us and explore the world of Whitespace KIDS. We will bring you articles to read and things to share as well as a wealth of inspiring gifts and toys for each unique journey that you share with your children.

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